“Right Time for Murder” 

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Production!

AUDITIONS  (ages 8-18)

Saturday, January 5 – 2:30pm

4328 Livernois Rd., Troy 

For the audition, kids must prepare a short (1-2 minute) monologue that demonstrates acting skills and range.  In addition, kids will read some scenes from the play.  

*There will be an audition workshop on Friday, January 4 from 7:00-9:00pm.  The workshop will include a variety of games and activities to help kids work on characterization and monologues.  This workshop is not required, but it is definitely recommended so that kids will know what to expect and to feel comfortable at our auditions on January 5.  Kids that will not be auditioning for our murder mystery dinner theatre production are also welcome to participate in this workshop! The cost of the workshop is $10.00 per child and advance registration is required.  To register for the workshop, please contact*

To sign up for the auditions, please click on the link below:


Starting January 12

Fridays – 7:00-9:00pm – Hunter Community Center (509 Fisher Ct., Clawson)

Saturdays – 2:30-5:30pm – First Presbyterian Church of Troy (4328 Livernois Rd., Troy)

*There will be a mandatory parent meeting on Friday, January 11 at 7:00pm and a welcome party for cast and families immediately following the parent meeting*


March 15, 16 and 21 (more dates may be added if needed)


March 22, 23 and 24 – 7:00pm

Performances will be held at Kirk in the Hills – 1340 W. Long Lake Rd., Bloomfield Hills



In addition to the production fee, there is also an additional annual registration fee of $25.00. 


We are also looking for volunteers to help out with the production. Teens and adults that are interested in volunteering for the following positions should contact us directly at

Assistant director
Stage manager
Assistant producer
Set construction
Props and/or Costumes
*Marketing and Publicity* (we need the most help with this!)

For more information, please contact 

*We are not affiliated with First Presbyterian Church of Troy, Kirk in the Hills or any other church, but we are able to obtain space for our classes and events at various local churches and community centers*

“Right Time for Murder” Summary

The famous mystery novel Right Time for Murder is being presented for the first time onstage! The author, Evan Carmichael, finds himself entangled in a chaotic, yet elegant event where actors quit before the show, the stage manager is having a nervous breakdown, and the publicist is just plain cruel. All antics and craziness aside, Right Time for Murder eventually unfolds into a tight-knit murder mystery from the 1920s. Done as a play within a play, we see what truth really means or if it’s really all just fiction.

CHARACTERS IN THE PRESENT DAY: (in order of appearance)

Monroe– the stage manager of the production. Someone who is normally very organized, but tonight is not their night. Nearing the end of their rope and definitely on the weary side of things. (Male or Female)

Thompson- the guest of honor’s publicist/assistant. Rude, snappish, and a bit overwhelmed. They look down at almost everyone, believing that everything is a waste of time and space. (Male or Female)

Sam– the assistant stage manager. Someone who is very eager to do their job and tries to do it well. Tries to stay calm during chaos and tries not to get in the way. Overall, a good kid. (Male or Female)

Evan Carmichael– the best-selling author of Right Time for Murder. Also, the night’s guest of honor. A bit cocky, but not consciously so. Loves to hear themselves talk, but also loves hearing from fans and doing these events. A nice person, but just a tiny bit of an egomaniac. (Male or Female)

Kimberly Parker- an actress in the production. She has quite the temper and a sharp-mouth. She is very good at not obeying her contract, wandering out from backstage, and causing a scene. Enemies with Oliver Aldon. (Female)

Oliver Aldon– an actor in the production. He has quite the temper and a sharp-mouth. He is very good at not obeying his contract, wandering out from backstage, and causing a scene. Enemies with Kimberly Parker. (Male)

Security Guard– a comedic role. Someone who is pretty terrible at their job, yet takes it very seriously. (Male or Female)

Avery the Lottery Winner– a lucky member of the audience who wins the intermission lottery. They have been forced to come here tonight and they are so incredibly bored by everything. However, they are really quite savvy about the play, despite their attitude. (Male or Female)

Dallas the Lottery Winner– a lucky member of the audience who wins the intermission lottery. They are in love with Evan Carmichael, they are in love with the book, they are in love with everything about this event. They are easily excitable, but tend to get a bit flustered when the pressure is on. (Male or Female)

CHARACTERS IN THE PAST: (in order of appearance)

Christopher Marsh- the “narrator” of the murder mystery. We see the story through his eyes. He is a literary publisher who has invited everyone to his manor for a soiree. He is a sharp, mild-mannered man with something lurking beneath the surface. He is quiet, with a touch of sadness and loneliness amidst his mysterious aura. (Male)

Winifred Renley- she and her husband are a famous writing team, but she is the warmth of the duo. She tries her hardest to be respectful of everyone, even when things get testy. She is not sweet, but she is kind and she truly means well. She is a bit more subdued than Idris and is probably smarter than him as well. (Female)

Idris Renley– he and his wife are a famous writing team, but he is the charmer of the duo. He is not a snob, but he does think highly of his name. He is a charismatic, lively man with a sense of dryness. It seems like Idris is the sort of person to keep his temper on a leash, buried underneath a suit and smile. (Male)

Anna Fitzroy– she is a enigmatic snob. She describes herself as being a “semi-recluse” and she takes great pride in her writing. She likes secrets and slyness. Despite being a bit unpleasant, she is considered a great friend and a confidante. Anna loves to play games and test people’s patience, while not caring what they think. (Female)

Lavinia Duke– she is a friendly and jovial woman. She tends to babble and find everyday things fascinating, but she is a lovely person. A bit like a crazy aunt, she is the foil of Anna Fitzroy. She has written over thirty murder mystery novels, adoring her work and all the people she knows. She can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but doesn’t realize it. (Female)

Henry Duke– he is Lavinia’s brother and has been dragged to this party. He is a private investigator and believes the crime literature is a waste of time. He is a bit rougher than the rest, a bit of a cliche “Sam Spade” type. He is the only stranger in the house that evening. His personality walks the rope between aggravation and politeness. (Male)



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