Drop-In Events

*The drop-in events are discontinued at this time. Instead, we will be offering monthly workshops and events. Please see workshops for dates and times*

Using fun and interactive games and activities, kids (ages 8-18) will learn acting and improvisation skills. Through acting and improvisation, kids will learn real life skills such as public speaking, social interaction, building confidence, taking initiative, expressing ideas, being creative and working together as a team. Kids will learn these skills while also having fun in a safe, friendly, casual and non-competitive environment.

We would love to give kids the opportunity to lead an acting game at our drop-in events. Kids ages 8-18 are welcome to participate. If your child has an acting game that they would like to teach to the group, please contact us at actingoutkids@yahoo.com before the scheduled drop-in event and we will put your child on the schedule.

New kids are always welcome!
*Parents are required to come in and register their child before the child will be allowed to participate.*


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