“Dead Within the Hour” – Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Production



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Dead Within the Hour Synopsis

This play is a murder mystery in two parts. Part I takes place at the 70th Anniversary screening of the classic film, Dead Within the Hour. The event is filled with Hollywood stars and fans of the movie, who all have something to say about the film. This is the event that the audience will be a part of, playing along with the personable hosts and guests that are planted in the audience.

Part II is the actual movie itself, acted out on a stage in front of the audience. Dead Within the Hour takes place in an old house, where a mysterious author has invited six strangers to their home. A storm is raging outside and everyone finds that they are trapped inside with a hostess who has been poisoned. An athlete, a radio show host, an actress, an art historian, a pilot, a professor, and the mysterious butler struggle to find out the truth. Lies are stripped away, tensions start to rise, and no one is really who they say they are.